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Heartland Insulation Group specialise in the following insulation services across the South Island:

Retrofit ceiling insulation – Retrofit underfloor insulation – Underfloor moisture barriers – Removal of old insulation and foil – New build insulation – Double glazing


Double Glazing

Double glazing will do much more than reduce external noise in your home. It will also retain heat during winter, keeps things cooler in summer, and virtually eliminate condensation, making for a healthier home. And like our other insulation products, double glazing will significantly lower your monthly power bill.


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At Heartland Insulation Group, we understand the importance of home insulation in NZ. That’s why we offer a range of insulation products to suit your needs, including wall insulation options and roof insulation. With our easy-to-use online insulation store, buying home insulation in NZ has never been easier.

Heartland Insulation Group keeps Kiwi's warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and more comfortable all year round.

We are the South Island’s leading insulation and double glazing installer. Based in Geraldine and with thousands of happy customers all over the South Island, we can also put a smile on your face, thanks to New Zealand’s most professional installation and the world’s best insulation and double glazing products.

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The South Island’s First-Choice Insulation Service Provider.

Heartland Insulation Group is insulating the South Island. We’re your first-choice installer of household and commercial insulation, including the highest-quality floor, wall and ceiling insulation. We also fit double glazing, which combines with our insulation to keep you comfortable and cosy all year round.

We’re a truly local company. Kiwi-owned and operated, Heartland Insulation Group is based in Geraldine and delivers outstanding customer service in Timaru, Christchurch, Canterbury, Invercargill, and surrounding areas throughout the South Island. We promise to take care of everything, from the initial consultation to installing our world-class insulation and double glazing products.

We’re specialists in all areas of home insulation. This includes roof space insulation that captures heat as it rises and ceiling insulation that protects against icy winter weather and stabilises temperatures when the mercury rises in summer. And because we offer you an all-round service, we also install under-floor insulation to hold the heat and warm your feet.

In addition to insulation, we fit high-quality double glazing in existing homes and new builds throughout Mid Canterbury, South Canterbury and the lower South Island. Our highly experienced installers fit double-glazed windows to meet all home or business requirements.

Our tailored Insulation and Glazing services provide our customers with a range of benefits

It’s a fact that insulation is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to conserve heat energy in your home. In addition, insulation creates a naturally warmer home during winter, which means significantly lower monthly heating bills. With this in mind, you can think of our insulation as a long-term investment that promises outstanding monthly returns. We install home insulation in Invercargill, Timaru, Christchurch, and many other towns and cities in New Zealand’s South Island, so the cost benefits of our services are widespread.

Our insulation will also make your home considerably more comfortable in summer. Our insulation will stop excess heat from entering your home and pushing internal temperatures to uncomfortable levels. Our insulation services in Timaru, South Canterbury, and other towns and cities around the South Island make homes much more appealing places to live all year round.

Did you know home insulation can significantly reduce noise pollution? Noisy neighbours, busy roads, construction sounds, screeching train tracks – all of the loud and unpleasant noises you endure daily are minimised, and even more so when you ask us to install double glazing.

Heartland Insulation Group offer superior home insulation and double glazing services in Invercargill, Timaru, Geraldine and beyond. We also provide quality home insulation and double glazing in Christchurch city, so we create quieter and cosier homes in big cities and smaller towns across New Zealand’s South Island. Insulation is an affordable and effective way to decrease noise interruptions from the outside world and enjoy peace and quiet wherever you might live.

Our Partners

Efficiency is at our core, our extensive network of partners gives us the flexibility to provide a fast, effective and cost efficient service.